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TACT - Behavioral Cluster: TEAMWORK

TEAMWORK: This cluster describes the way people work in team, their focus on the team and their attitude in general in collaboration. We distinct these 4 types: Motivator, Submissive, Cooperative and Direct

motivator type

Motivator: actively engaged with a participative leading attitude

Motivators will in general easily assume a prominent role. They like to be in centre of a team and will spontaneously assume a very active and frequently even leading role.

In achieving mutual goals, they demonstrate perseverance and a healthy degree of competitiveness. Motivators are involved with others and will look for consultation and alignment. As a manager, they adopt a participative style. Rather than manage from position, they use dialogue to create commitment.


submissive Type

Submissive: stands for a modest and awaiting attitude

Most typical for this type is a preference to take up a modest and abiding position in team activities. People with this compliant cooperation style are not averse to cooperation, but usually will prefer to stay in the background.

In general they have the intention to deliver a positive contribution, yet their attitude will mostly be reactive. They act in function of what others expect of them and therefore need consultation and willbenefoit from clearly defined goals.



cooperative personality

Cooperative: is engaged and focused on alignment

Typical for this behaviour style is a strong commitment to team activities, yet without the need to have a prominent presence.

People with a participative workstyle have a cooperative mind-set and like to contribute actively to the team results. They have little to no need to take up a leading and/or central role in a team. Instead, they find mutual alignment and consultation more important. They prefer to, independently, assume the responsibility for certain sub tasks.



 Direct personality type

Direct: active involvement and business-like managing

This type spontaneously takes up an active and directive role in a team. People with a directive working style can at times be very prominently present. They find it important to have an impact on team activities. They tend to strongly focus on convincing others of their views and ideas.

In a leading position, they can come across as very dominant due to their business-like and directive style. Their preferred style is one of  direct steering and controlling of activities. They often are less concerned with consultation and the perception of their team members.



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