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TACT - Behavioral Cluster: COMMUNICATE

COMMUNICATE: This cluster describes the way people communicate and their general attitude in interact with others,We distinct these 4 types: Detached, Introvert, Extrovert and Dependent.

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Detached: a critical, distant and diplomatic attitude

People with a detached style of communication usually come across very fluent in interaction. They, however, also have a critical nature and as often prefer to adopt a more reserved approach. Being fairly self-confident, they manage to keep their cool in most situations. When initiating in contact, their attitude is best described as diplomatic to even purposeful.

To act completely open and honest, they need time to get better acquainted with people. Once achieved, they can be both very helpful and committed.




Submissive Personality type people

Introvert: demonstrate a reserved behavior and waiting attitude

This behavior type is characterised by a reserved attitude in communication. In particular at first and in new situations they come across as being very detached and subdued. Complete and open communication is something that they reserve only for a trusted environment and in their inner circle.

Such people can be very critical of their surroundings and may prefer to adopt a wait-and-see attitude in human interaction. This is often combined with a limited self-confidence and the struggle to assume the right attitude in interaction with others.


Personality type Test - cooperative

Extrovert: a communicative and self-assured attitude

People with an extrovert communication style will quickly feel at ease in most situations and thrive on social contacts.

They communicate in a very open and fluent manner to that extent, that to some, they can be seen to be too busy and exuberant. They are in general very self-confident and not easily upset despite the circumstances.

Towards others they are thoughtful and very helpful. By nature they are little critical, which holds a risk for a too trusting behavior.


Dependent Communicate People

Dependent: are spontaneous, open and trusting

People with this behavior demonstrate a strong extrovert attitude and equal orientation towards interaction. People with a dependent communication style like social contacts and easily engage with other people. They are spontaneous and very open and easily trust others. At the same time maintain sufficient objectivity to prevent being gullible.

Although they mostly come across very self-confident, this is not always how they feel. They draw a lot of confidence from the appreciation given by others and may easily experience stress when this is lacking.


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