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TACT - Behavioral Cluster: ACT

ACT: This cluster details the way activities and responsibilities are managed and how tasks and assignments are executed. The cluster distincts the following types, Conscientious, Enterprising, Result oriented and Executor.


Personality Type - conscientious

Conscientious: At all times committed and persistant in execution and performance

Conscientious people show a high degree of dedication in the performance of assigned tasks. They display a large degree of engagement and accuracy in achieving given targets. When confronted with obstacles, they will persist and continue to give it all they got, to deliver on their commitments.

They can be very dependent on the goals and procedures given by their surroundings. They see this as a condition for optimal functioning, as their rythm and commitment can strongly depend on this.



Personality Type - Enterprising

Enterprising: Displays a flexible and dynamic attitude

Enterprising types display a dynamism and flexibility in the way they perform tasks activities. They tend to be adaptable and can easily switch between a short term detailed-focus and a long term objective-focus according to the situation.

They are often very ambitious and demanding for themselves. Their approach is methodical and focused. Activities are executed with commitment and endurance. They can have an explicit need to be busy at all times, being idle often leads to restlessness.

In their enthusiasm, they will sometimes be too persistent. When certain goals are no longer attainable or needed, they may experience difficulties to let go.



Result-Oriented Personality

Result - Oriented: Shows to be goal oriented and perseverant in action


This type is characterised by a dynamic and perseverant attitude in the execution of activities and shows a strong focus on achieving clear set goals.

They are flexible and can vary their working method, approach and perspective to correspond to the desired objectives. In accordance with the situation they are able to operate on both a detailed and a process level.



Executor personality

Executor: Prefers a methodical execution in accordance to guidelines

Central in this behavior is the need to execute tasks in a structured way and always with the intent to comply with given procedures.

Executors have a clear preference to get clear tasks assigned to them. Their focus is on completing tasks and responsibilities meticulously in line with the guidelines. There is in general a limited need to engage in ambitious and meaningful challenges.  

In their activities and workspace, they demonstrate to be rather environment-dependent. When given the right instructions, they can perform with lots of energy and commitment.




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