This is how it works

How it works

Start hiring smarter  FREE trial

Hire with confidence .... in 3 easy steps



Test candidates


Test Personality, Behavior and Motivation in no less then 30 topics,

Create and invite applicants to take the test.....leave the rest to us.

Monitor the progress and match in real-time.




Match candidates 

Match & Rank for easy decisions

Match up to 6 candidates and compare scores in one overview

Transparent, logical with both summary scores and details.

Compare candidates to your ideal TMH Profile.



Hire people

Hire the right Talent with confidence

Transparent overviews and detailed individual reporting

Qualified information for hiring interviews.

Validated decision information

Compare - Match  & Decide

Improve your hiring decisions, get the RIGHT ANSWERS

Selcct Profile

Find the right Talent easier with TMH Profiles.

Use the interactive profilebuilder to create your Profiles,

  Identify -  Compare & Select the right Talent.

Use the  Behavior Clusters as a pre-selection tool,

Go for targeted selection with a detailed Profile for in-depth matching.



 Reports download

Powerful Reports

Detailed and intuitive one page report with strong visuals,

Match the score to Benchmark Profile,

Clear % score to Type.


Sample Report



Now it's up to YOU 

Start hiring smarter 

Start TODAY  FREE Trial

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